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Fridays at 17:00 – 18:30,  El Ático, Kumpulantie 1, Helsinki

This is a very different approach to dance where you can move freely. No dance skills are required. You will learn to activate your whole body and soul. It’s accompanied by yoga asanas to deepen the relaxation and special female yoga and guided meditation for recognizing inner wounds and healing them through expressing your emotions. It’s also suitable for people with physical limitations.

One time 15 € / class Paypal
Dancing pass 50 € / 5 classes Paypal

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I offer 60-90 minute sessions (in person within the Helsinki region, on Skype worldwide)

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“Soňa’s course gave me concrete tools how to look at myself deeper in a safe environment. I was also happy to meet like-minded people to whom I don’t need to explain myself. I felt a strong spiritual connection at the meetings. I think Soňa is so strongly connected with life that her work will always have powerful impact on people in a very beautiful, human and natural way.” – Saaramaija

  “Soňa is a power house of a teacher and a human filled with fresh ideas relating to holistic well-being. Her course gave me more courage and trust to keep on searching in this subject. I also met like-minded women who all shared the same curiosity towards the ‘hidden power’ that females have.” – Teea